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So you want to get involved with RAG?

Great! There are so many ways to help out and get behind the great causes we support!

Take part in our events!

Look out for opportunities across the year to raise money for numerous different charities! We strive to give you the chance to take part in a varied and exciting year of memorable events which will make a very real difference to some amazing causes.

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Clubs and societies, why not Adopt a Charity!

The Adopt a Charity scheme works with clubs, societies, individuals and the student residences to help them fundraise for charities of their choice. There's also an opportunity to claim back up to 50% for your club or society too! Last year we worked with over 110 student groups raising money for over 100 different charities.

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You can Adopt a Charity too and benefit from all the support of the Adopt a Charity team on the RAG Committee and x2 full-time staff members. Alternatively, you can become a RAG Rep, learn C.V enhancing events-planning and fundraising skills from our workshops, gain HEAR recognition, make new friends and put on your own fundraising events with groups of like-minded individuals.

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As a student living in University accommodation you can choose to donate £2 per term when paying your rent to help us tackle homelessness in Sheffield. Last year students raised £24,450 to help fight homelessness in our city. A panel of students living in the residences decide what projects and charities to support. Last year this included: £2500 to refurbish the women’s refuge and advice centre at Derbyshire Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Service and £1500 towards delivery costs for Fareshare, an organisation who re-distribute surplus to local food banks and charities. You can also be involved in the ‘Give As You Rent’ Project Team and decide where your money is going. Look out for more information in Term 2 or contact Sheffield RAG for more information: rag@sheffield.ac.uk. The ‘Give As You Rent’ Appeal is run by Sheffield RAG (Raising and Giving) in partnership with Residence Life.

So you want to do something by yourself, that's great! Just make sure that you take a read of some of these helpful documents before you have a go, to make sure everything goes to plan!

Bake Sales

Running a bake sale is a great traditional way to raise some cash for a charitable cause! There's just a couple of guidelines to have a look at, and also a disclaimer; please have a look before you get baking! At the Union we can only have one bake sale a day so make sure you check in with RAG about the availability.

Bake Sale Guidelines Bake Sale Disclaimer

Rag Raids

Collecting donations in the City Centre is a fun and effective way to raise money for charity!

Rag Raids

FAQs / T&Cs

Here at RAG we get asked a lot of questions, so if you were ever wondering something and thought it was a silly question to ask, it's probably in this document!


Fundraising Help

There's a lot of effort that goes into fundraising, and before you do anything you might want to read these! We have some "Do's and Don'ts" to help you come up with those brilliantly successful fundraising events.

Do's and Don'ts

Bar Crawls

RAG is able to provide support with the fundraising elements of a bar crawl including the loaning of buckets, glow-stick/ merchandise selling and budgeting. However restricted resources mean that RAG are NOT able to provide logistical support such as stewarding.

Bar Crawls Policy

Drop-Safeing Money

After all your hard work collecting money for brilliant causes, you better keep it safe! Check out our short how-to guide on Drop Safeing so you don't have anything to worry about!

How To Drop Safe

International Volunteering Policy

Sheffield RAG is Sheffield run, Sheffield born, and as such helps out Sheffield charities! We also aren't big enough to help you out with international volunteering efforts; please read this document to find out why.

International Volunteering Policy

RAG Branding

Great! You've decided to run your own event, but you want to show that you're affiliated with RAG - don't worry, we've got you covered! Find our lovely logo in a couple of different forms in this ZIP file to do with what you will!

RAG Branding ZIP