over £185,000 Raised!

RAG is run by a democratically elected committee that is chosen at the AGM at the end of the University year, every year. Fancy knowing who they are? Check out these sexy photos of the people in charge of making charity happen!

Chair - Danielle Birtles

Secretary - Niamh McQuillan

Treasurer - Yee Ching Yong

Charities Officer - Sylvia Wu

Adopt-A-Charity Societies Liason - Tom Casey

Adopt-A-Charity Societies Liason - Andjela Sekulic

Adopt-A-Charity Sports Liason - Harriet Darling

RAG Reps Co-ordinator - Jodie Stilgoe

RAG Reps Co-ordinator - Steph Lee

Social Secretary & Inclusions Officer - Emilie Gerard

Publicity Officer & External Relations - Ava Rangolam

Publicity Officer & Social Media Co-ordinator - Laura Kelly

Events Leader (Spiderwalk) - Chibuike Obianyor

Events Leader - Ciara Murray

Events Leader - Ben Lomax

Events Leader - Jess Matthews

Design Co-ordinator - Ioana Bodean

Design Coordinator - Priyan Shah

Collections Coordinator - Becky Rodwell

Street-Team Coordinator - Johnathan Tsui

Web-systems Development and Administration Officer - Hari