Adopt a Charity

is Club, Society and Individual fundraising

The Adopt a Charity scheme works with clubs, societies and individuals to help them fundraise for charities of their choice.

There’s also an opportunity to claim back up to 50% for your club or society too!

Last year we worked with over 110 student groups raising money for over 100 different charities.

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Adopting a charity, how?

Over 300 charities apply to RAG each year so we are confident we can find your perfect match. But, if you’ve got a charity in mind already that’s great – adopting with RAG is flexible, but it’s great to find out all about the local causes out there whose work often go unnoticed!

Once you’ve chosen your charity, or charities, we’ll manage the finances from any funds you raise from events or collections. These will be banked in the Union in your RAG account until the end of the year. Then we’ll add up your totals and raise a cheque to your charity which we can either post on your behalf, or help you arrange a visit where you can present your donation with our GIANT novelty cheque!

We can also help with charity visits and volunteering opportunities giving you the chance to meet the charities and service users who’ll benefit from your much-needed support.

How RAG can help you fundraise…

10% from all money raised goes to RAG to fund the services we offer to anyone raising money through the ‘Adopt a Charity’ scheme.

We have a full time staff member and an intern who work towards helping with budgeting, finance, risk assessments, insurance, event-planning and other fundraising legalities.

RAG is also a working committee consisting of 21 volunteers who can all help you in your fundraising. We can assist you with designing publicity and advertising your events using our Facebook and Twitter pages. Our ‘Adopt a Charity’ team are designated to helping you with ideas creation and booking spaces around university for your society to use. We will also be responsible counting up all the money you’ve raised and get your totals back to you with 7-10 days!

We can sort out more formal things as well, like permits from the council for RAG RAIDS, setting up Virgin Money Pages online and giving you the pink buckets for you to collect money in. We’re also here to help with any general fundraising queries and to guide you through your event – by the end of the year you’ll be doing it like second nature!

Send us an email --> set up a meeting --> plan your event --> EVENT DAY (raise lots of money!) --> meet, visit, or volunteer with your charity or send over a cheque!

What happens to your money

Fundraising events

There’s a HUGE choice of fundraising events you can get involved with. We can help you arrange everything from RAG classics such as glow-stick selling with free guest-list entry at Union club nights, to 24 hour sports ‘athons!

Look out for landmark RAG events too perfect for your club or society, like Spiderwalk, our sponsored nocturnal star-lit night hike through the Peak District or Survival Night - our team challenge event that takes place in a mystery location each year.

Want more ideas, have a look at all the past events we’ve supported with lots of new ideas too!

Check out Fundraising Event Ideas

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Talk: Just pop by to the RAG office in the Activities and Sports Zone and speak to the Community Fundraiser and the RAG Intern